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chatroom - the sick happy idle chatroom
enter the chatroomchatroom - enter the chatroom

informationnickname - how to register your nickname
informationguide - how to use the chatroom
informationsymbols - what the symbols mean
informationrules - chatroom etiquette - please read before entering
nickname - how to register your nickname
Informationyou may enter the chatroom as a guest. this chatroom also enables you to register a nickname and a profile that is unique to each member.

enter the chatrooms above. then select register now. here you can register a nickname to use. the nickname is the name that you appears next to any comments you make in the chatroom.

Informationyou can then fill in your profile. this profile is available for other members to view. an email is required for administration. your email address will not appear anywhere online and will only be used by the chatroom administation to notify the member of chatroom related matters.

this symbol is inside the profile information. by clicking on it you will be able to enter a url (online image address) to an image file of your choice, ie. avator, online photograph etc.

the time in the chatroom is set to gmt. you can change this to your local time by clicking on this image in your profile. here you can add or subtract hours eg for british summer time, or other time zones.

if you have forgotten the password to your member profile then click on password during login.

guide - how to use the chatroom
Informationthe chatroom opens up in its own browser window. so you can continue to surf online while leaving the chatroom open. you will be notified by a sound alert if anyone enters the room.

if you click on members you will be able see a list of the chatroom members and their profiles.

if you click on profile you will be able to edit and update your profile information.

once you have logged in you will be given a choice of chatrooms.

if it says public next to the message box where you type in the chat then these words will appear to everyone who is in the chatroom.

Informationyou may send a pm (private message) to another chatroom member by clicking on their nickname that appears on the right-hand side of the chatroom. this will replace public next to the message box with the person's nickname who will be able to view the message you type. before sending ask politely to the member you wish to pm.

Informationto return to public chat mode click on the person's nickname that has appeared to the left of the message box, then public will appear and you are ready to chat with the room again.

Informationyou can check the profile of memebers while in the chatroom by clicking on their nickname that appears next to text in the left-hand side of the screen.

symbols - what the symbols mean
enters the text you have typed up in the message box

this shows you a log of the chat history. the history is the most recent 15o lines of chat.

this logs you out of the chatroom.

this is for the chatroom adminstration.

this gives you a choice of images to use within chat.

this will give you a choice of chatrooms to enter.

this shows the reresh rate. the chatroom reresh rate can be set at 6, 12, 24, 48 or 6o second intervals.

this switches the sound alerts on and off. if set to on you will receive a sound alert when members enter the chatroom etc.

this will refresh the chat page.

rules - chatroom etiquette
Informationplease be respectful to other members in the chatroom. annoying or intolerant behaviour towards other users will cause your ip address to be suspended.

Informationunacceptable behaviour includes bullying, threatening, harassing, intimidating, degrading, victimizing anyone regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

Informationany messages posted about illegal activities will cause your ip address to be suspended.

Informationno commercial solicitations. no spamming. no web addresses regardless of the content of the website listed.

Informationdo not post your email address or give any personal information while chatting in the chatroom.
Informationdo not ask other members or give out any personally identifying details.

offensive nicknames will be deleted.

Informationdo not repeatedly type your messages in caps lock, this is considered to be shouting.

Informationbefore sending a private message ask politely to the member you wish to receive the messsage.

Informationthe admin will suspend access to anyone who acts in an untoward manner without notice and without need of explanation. guest members will be suspended for 7 days. registered members for 48 hours. after this access will be granted again. any continuation will mean an indefinate ban.

Informationabove all please have fun and be sensible.


(c) the shaw brothers
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