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"moontorc" - commodore 64 screen shot conversions - shaw brothers games on other computers
we designed several games that were converted onto other computer formats.

"moontorc" - commodore 64 screen shot pantheon software - commodore conversions
the atlantis software game conversions were by pantheon software.

"skatin' u.s.a." - commodore 64 screen shot commodore - 64/128
superkid - atlantis software 199o
skatin' u.s.a. - atlantis software 199o
cavemania - atlantis software 199o
superkid in space - atlantis software 1991
moontorc - atlantis software 1991, zzap!64(83) 7o%
soccer star - cult software
striker manager - cult software
"superkid in space" - commodore 64 screen shot league football - cult software
motorcycle 5oo - cult software

"superkid" - commodore 64 screen shot conversion - graphics and sound
the graphics were converted from the original by chris edwards. the sound for each of the games was done by tonal chaos.

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