geoffo of sydney - i like your site very much. you might like to know i stumbled across it by entering the complementary search terms 'nonlocality sex' into google. i like the musical chiming background i'm hearing, goes well with flat orange.
matt t - madness, art and noise by the shaw brothers from yorkshire. cut up stories and rants and articles and music. just great. adrian shaw is also the lead man behind the utterly amazing band teenbeat. a must visit. @ exclusive zine
colin - great site lads - keep up the good work! @
bob forrest - funky site!
jon collinson - we need more sick happy idle radio on resonance fm please.
love the site.
mr jimmy olsen - nice site my friends, nice site @
janet - sweet site keep up the good work!... i guess... dont know u ...dont know what sickhappyidle is but maybe i'll find out today... blah!... have fun in life... ~peace~
andrew z - ah i wish i never read your blooming magazine!
mark ellis - good site lads... but no mention of the makeshift goal posts on royston green... or big al hobo. just remember i knew the three of you when you were still building a blue peter sunked garden in the backyard and graham was beating guy burke up. happy memories.
julie - love the website (and the graphics). keep on. @
david harkins - great site... you certainly have a way with words...
glad i visited your site
simon k - i bought your mag last night. it's great! the best 5op i spent all week.
love the site too!
dennis - cool zine you have. @
nic dalton - nice site, well put together. totally incomprehensible to an old fart like me,
but more intriguing because of it
. @ so you think you know barnsley
tim drage - wow, yr finally online, very nice! ...great to see some of the fabulous collages in colour too ...keep up the good work @ cultivate twiddle
ghanda key - nice site, and nice sounds! @
michael leigh - terrific site guys! first time i've found it! will explore some more. always good to dig a little deeper. you never know what you might find. looking forward to the next shi , especially as i'm in it! whoopeee!

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