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"bigmouth strikes again" - 1978 "david and adrian" - 1983 "sgt pepper's lonely darts club band" - by graham d. shaw, 25th December 1982
"david and adrian shaw" - royston, 198os "mel shaw at appletreewick" - by brenda machen, 1961 " - time trialist, easingwold, yorkshire"
"front row: graham, adrian, melvin with david, and brenda outside the pack horse pub, royston" - circa 1974 "david the cyclist, in levisham, north yorkshire" - early 198os "adrian"
"brenda shaw" - 196os "david a. shaw" by david a. shaw "david and adrian" - royston, mid-197os
"graham d. shaw" - 1982 "adrian and david shaw" - circa 1980 "graham d. shaw" - 1983
"the shaw family and a dozen wheels" 1982 "the shaw family on wheels" 1982
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" sets of on a 24 hour time trial" "redwood avenue" - by graham d. shaw, 2oo2
"david, graham and adrian: the icecream men conquer barry island, south wales" - 1981 daisy, 1 year old - august 2oo5
"david and adrian with his little stick of scarborough rock" - by graham d. shaw, 1982 "david and adrian " - meadstead school photo, 198o
"graham and adrian" - royston, 1971 "julie and graham" - 197o
"graham d. shaw" - royston infant school, midland road, 1972 "adrian r. shaw" - royston comprehensive school, 1981 "david a. shaw" - royston meadstead primary school
"adrian r. shaw, mersey ferry terminal" - photo by graham d. shaw, 199o "adrian r. shaw" "adrian r. shaw" - royston meadstead primary school
"graham and adrian" - meadstead school, 1976 "adrian r. shaw" "david a. shaw and adrian r. shaw" - early 198os
"self portrait" - by david a. shaw "david a. shaw at chat's palace" "david a. shaw abroad" - by b
"it's broccoli" "david a. shaw and adrian r. shaw" - 2oo2
"the knifeman cometh" "david a. shaw with strawbs man dave cousins" - photograph by adrian r. shaw, gravesend, 2oo2

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