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sick happy idle- zine review
yay! more madness from the brothers
shaw and i love it. sick happy idle continues on, ignoring all trends and not writing about music or films or anything, just making art. 56 small pages of cut up text, short stories, 195os advertisements, words of wisdom, sickness, happiness and idleness, and all for one pound. the sulphur minded mapmaker sits sniffing asbestos from garage walls. it is winter time in the spring factory. i am drunk but alive. have completely redecorated my three tortoises.
issue 14- february, 1997
amusing and frighteningly frequent texty zine with lots of random diatribes, newsprint cutups and toons which actually works pretty well. the sort of thing you never thought was being done and while oddly familiar, is like nothing you’ve seen before. if you want soundbites, it’s a bit like
bugs & drugs, only more coherent, i think worth checking out.
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issue 24 - 2oo2
this is a truly inspired zine. the sort of innocuous images you'd find in a 7o's romance comic twisted by adding sinister and unpleasant text. for example: a young, pretty secretary opens an envelope using a paper knife, the picture is accompanied by text explaining the correct technique for letter opening,
sick happy idle's contribution to this are the words "i like the pain because it focuses my mind". the sort of word square thing they used to give you in school where they arrange a grid of letters and you've got to find the words in the grid, the twist is that the grid is called "deserted" and the words you have to find include derelict, desolate, solitary, lonesome and unattended. the text pieces appear at first glance to be a confusing mix of stream of consciousness and cut up technique but upon closer inspection a real rage shows through the writing, the kind of rage that's a product of society's stupidity and greed, you know what i'm talking about! the rabid desire to own the newest kind of mobile phone that'll fry the brains of yourself and those around you. there's a hilarious 'your stars' bit: "pisces - your month might start with a feeling of being unwell and this might lead to death". people are stupid aren't they?
issue 24 - october, 2oo1
non-comickzines don’t come through to
trs2 often enough, but when they do it makes me happy. when i’m writing reviews for trs2 i try to (and pride) view a publication until i am staedtler blue in the face. but to do shi justice, here i only find myself of the ability to read half of it. it’s church- a page or two a day grants andrew laughs and ponderings but five pages in one day – fug awf! my past experience with shi has found it to be best read in times of lows, doubt: crammed full of thick substance.

got five minutes before the bus? the a6 format pocket size really is mighty gosh... designed for the pocket! this clothing accessory should take you ages to wear out, and should be worn out over ages. it’s a redeeming stitching, a call to the new you, it’s worst moments will make you happy to be who you are! (oh, and it’s a big con job as well!) just don’t leave it in the washing machine, okay?
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