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"david a. shaw reading 'sick happy idle' on a train journey to gravesend" - photograph by adrian r. shaw, 2oo2 sick happy idle - it's hard for some to believe in the future
this publication began life in 1993. a defeat for a generation lost in a world with no taste. it's an ill-judged assortment of blues, muse, clues and new soft shoes. a6 sized - fits into a pocket for those mindbending moments when time appears to stand still. the meaningless is meaning less, but we will repeat the process all over again. a planet's destiny trembled in the balance...
sick happy idle is the answer material - the selection process
the material for the zine is collected by graham, adrian and david shaw. the previous five issues were edited by sam h. waghar. printed by a photocopying machine. handfolded and stapled. each issue takes about 12 months to get together. time means nothing when you're waiting at a bus-stop.